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Caning Movies

Caning Movies OnlineIf caning is your thing, then we have an exciting collection of stunning and cruel ladies just waiting to cane you until you break down and just can't take any more.

With scenes that could shock, our collection of caning movies online is just about the best.  Not only can you watch these movies on your PC but with the right equipment you can now view our complete range of movies on your big screen TV.

caning movies - time for his caningTime For His Caning
For those who enjoy all caning! Some "bad boys" need regular discipline and the one in this video is no exception. However, on this occasion his Mistress decides that a "heavy hand" is overdue and decides a full session with the nasty rattan cane is in order. That hard, thin, whippy cane whipping into bare skin......that's discipline!
Party Girls Caning CompetitionParty Girls Caning Competition
In England there is a large underground party network for spanking and caning enthusiasts which consists of about fifty regular girls catering to their clients demands in the field of corporal punishment. Three of the most popular girls, Monica, Georgie and Natasha agree to take part in a caning competition organized by Calstar Films. The rules are simple. The last one to accept caning would be declared champion. These girls were without a doubt stubborn little fillies, but each was determined to win. You will definitely lose count of the strokes during the course of viewing this tournament.
Hell of a CaningHell of a Caning
Mistress Antonia takes Bart over her knee for a legthy hand spanking, paddling, and strapping. Enjoy!!
Maid For CaningMaid For Caning
A bratty young lady, Beatrice, is awakened by her household’s new maid for school. Not wanting to be awakened at all she demands that she leave her alone immediately. However the maid insists that she has been given all the proper rights to discipline her new ward. Questioning this Beatrice calls her dad but soon backs down to the maid’s first initial demands. She begins her discipline by hand spanking her exposed bottom as her pajamas are pulled down to expose her soft skin. Lastly a leather strap and cane are administered upon the unwilling, but obviously more disciplined Beatrice. And in our second story two sisters are talking about the discipline they have sometimes received from their partners. One loves it, the other is not quite sure. So the one sister that loves it gets a bit of discipline in turn by her accommodating sis. Sis is ever so happy to administer a hand spanking, strap and lastly a caning across the bare bottom of her willing sister!
Extreme Electric WhippingExtreme Electric Whipping
Irene Boss returns to make her 2nd OWK video at what she is best at- S/m and whipping! Non stop action! Bratty Slave Jacob had the audacity to enter the pub at the OWK and invite himself to the Boss's table. The idiot also had the bad manners to begin eating Irene's lunch!! You will want to see what happens next!
Bull whippingBull Whipping
A trip to New York presents Mistress Isabella with the opportunity to deliver a long overdue bullwhipping to one of Her loyal slaves on the East coast Perhaps the term "whipping boy" would be more appropriate! This Sadistic Goddess unlocks Her stash of bullwhips (5 in all) and takes dead aim on Her pain slut, slave "shine", leaving him striped, bruised, and bloody. Mistress Isabella's first, but certainly not last, bullwhipping video. As far as the intensity. The photos answer that question!
Pure WhippingPure Whipping
This is our debut video with Mistress Erzsebet, a stunning blonde originally from Romania. Simply put, Erzsebet is without a doubt best Domme we have ever worked with when it comes to wielding the long bullwhips. Erzsebet uses a variety of single tail, signal whips and bullwhips on Tony that leaves his back welted and striped. She demonstrates great skill in using two single tails at once, as if they were a pair of nun-chucks. Shot in the beautiful Hollywood Hills, this is the best whipping video we have ever produced.
A Whipping From Madame SarkaA Whipping from Madame Sarka (Free Clips)
For Madam Sarka, whipping a defenseless slave has become a favorite pastime for killing time as well as for sheer enjoyment. Today, Her bad mood led Her to find particular contempt for a slave exhibited in the public pillory in the entrance hall of the Long House in the Other World Kingdom. For this poor slaves awful beating, Madam Sarka has chosen Her favorite punishment aids - the long leather cat-o'-nine-tails and the leather riding crop. One lash after another land on the bare ass of the whimpering little fool. Madam, dressed in a beautifully worn shine rubber outfit, brings the whip down with all Her might for over an hour. The helpless slave receives hundreds of painful lashes, and finally this young, attractive and cruel Lady is satisfied. If any male creature is interested in enduring a good whipping from Madam Sarka, he should first see this film to know what's really coming…



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Caning Movies