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English Spankig Classics

Enjoy the full series of English Spaning Classics right here, right now.  We have some of the best English spanking videos available to watch right now.


English Spanking Classics 24English Spanking Classics 24
Big voluptuous, round bare bottoms, waiting for the stinging kiss of a leather strap, or a slap with the palm of your hand, longing for the touch of a cane. This iswhat these exquisite, smooth bottoms were mant for. The erotic sensations that vibrate thought-out their entire body, with every stinging stroke of the cane.
English Spanking Classics 23English Spanking Classic 23
If you like ass smacking, then you will enjoy watching these classic vixens getting their ass slapped around!
English Spanking Classics 20English Spanking Classic 20
Our latest classic includes “Marigold Academy” which has Henry disciplining both Angela and Marcia for hiding a pack of smokes. A multitude of blows turns their white orbs a deep shade of crimson. Their tears are both apologetic and humiliating. They will not disobey the academy again any time soon. Next in “Bottom Up” Bridgett and her Aunt Harriet are talked into a game of snakes and ladders. They didn’t realize that when they lose, they would have their bottoms upturned and reddened by their spouses. Their game turns to a blistering session of corporal punishment!
English Spanking Classics 3English Spanking Classics 3
reta thinks it’s fun to vandalize school property as it’s just a bit of harmless pranks. However this time her harmless prank is about to put Greta’s posterior in harm’s way. There’s a hard and Mr. Hodgson will teach painful lesson. After a sound spanking a gym shoe drives the point home, followed by a cane. Leslie has always hated gym class. Her reluctance to perform aerobic exercise has landed her in detention hall once again, under the supervision of Mr. Dawson. When she fails to perform to his satisfaction he administers a severe spanking and bare bottomed caning. Finally she is forced to stand at attention, totally nude, for the remainder of the period.
English Spanking Classics 1English Spanking Classics 1
We begin our series of classics with “Sophie Fennington’s interviews”. Our interview is liberally laced with clips from Britain’s first lady of discipline, Sophie Fennington, Known also as Kathryn Neilson. She has long been admired for the schoolgirl innocence beneath her fair pigtails and knee high stockings. You too will admire her exquisitely curved posterior and her flawless pink skin just begging for the touch of the cane.
English Spanking Classics 22English Spanking Classic 22 (out of stock)
“Mrs. Crabtree”: Two young women are being disciplined for their errant behavior. It’s one of the girl’s first offenses so she must watch as her friend is punished first. After her friends bottom is sufficiently reddened it’s her turn! Mrs. Crabtree uses her shoe across both girls’ bare bottoms while they squirm and complain. “The Hitchhiker”: Several girlfriends pick up a hitchhiker. They consent to undress and be spanked side by side and prove that two are better than one…
English Spanking Classics 9English Spanking Classic 9 (out of stock)
Rosie should have known that she would not get away without telling the headmistress who helped her mess up the clock-room, but she didn’t. Instead, she defies her headmistress with silence and pays for it dearly with a flogging. The cane lands on her bare cheeks time and again bringing bright red welts and severe pain to the naughty girl.



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