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Schoolgirl Spanking Movies

Schoolgirl spanking movies available to watch now, each of the movies below offer up to five free spanking clips for you to enjoy Schoolgirl spanking movies right now!


Schoolgirl Spanking Movies - Free Clips Included

Schoolgirl spanking movies Schoolgirl Classic: The Class of 2002
Released By : Calstar
A trio of beautiful college girls are caught by their teacher as they leave a local pub. It's obvious that they have not only been drinking but they are also truant. Rounded up they are returned to school for some discipline lessons. This calls for the leather paddle and some hand caning along with a lot more spanking for your pleasure!!
Schoolgirl spanking movies Spanking Schoolgirl 
Released By : Billie West Enterprises
Cameron is sitting at her teacher’s desk bored trying to study American history.  Ms. Jones has told her to study so she lights up a cigarette to help her concentrate.  Whoops here comes Ms. Jones so she puts out the cigarette.  Ms. Jones asks her some questions about American history and poor Cameron gets them all wrong.  So Ms. Jones gets out the paddle and gives Cameron some good hard whacks on her tight little behind.  They both get into it and soon Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her house into her bedroom and shows her what sex and American history have in common.  After spreading her little pussy and licking it Ms. Jones gets out her strap on and gives Cameron a good fucking.  Then she finger fucks Cameron’s wet pussy to a great orgasm.  Now Cameron knows she will get an A in American history. 


Schoolgirl DominationSchoolgirl Domination
Mistress Elizabeth called for slave bull. He crawled in and She took his leash and immediately ordered him to worship Her spiked heels. Below impossibly long legs he did as he was told. She began trampling his cock after ordering him on his back. Above him in the swing, She wiped the precum off his cock and fed it to him off the bottom of Her shoe. Using Her bare foot, Mistress Elizabeth fed slave bull precum. After Her toes were sucked clean She squatted over his face and slapped his huge nuts over and over with Her high heel.

The gum-popping schoolgirl Domme turned and drooled spit down into the wide-open mouth of Her supplicant. With the spreader bar separating his legs, slave bull can do nothing as Mistress Elizabeth kicks him repeatedly in the balls with Her bare foot. She stands over him and gives him an upskirty shot and then kicks him some more. She lashes him upright to the pillar, puts a condom on his cock and milks him. Teasing and denying him orgasm, She explains he will be going soon to the dungeon.
Unwilling Punishment And Double Red LinesUnwilling Punishment And Double Red Lines
In “Unwilling Punishment” Hawthorn and Woods, two very attractive students at St. Luke’s School stay behind after hours for a chat in one of the classrooms. One thing leads to another and they start playing around with each other. On his rounds Mr. Berkley, the science teacher, hears some moaning going on, and on investigation he finds Woods playing with herself on one of the desks. Although corporal punishment had been outlawed he sees fit to use his discretion on this occasion as he feels that the girls won’t want anyone else knowing what has happened. They accept his solution unwillingly and their bare bottoms are made to pay for this disgusting behaviour. And in “Double Red Lines”, Leah Woods’ partner is disturbed to receive another parking ticket in the post. Warning had been posted, so this time an extremely severe caning is issued with his “double” cane.
Spank My Ass TeacherSpank My Ass Teacher

Schoolgirl Shannon, wearing her cute little schoolgirl skirt, white blouse with tie, is held over in Sex Ed class. She just can’t get it down on what Sex Ed is all about and needs to do more studying. Mr. Thomas, her teacher has to leave the classroom. He tells Shannon that he will be back in 15 minutes. Naughty little Shannon gets nosey and goes into his desk, finds his spanking paddle and a nice little vibrator.

She grabs the paddle and gives her ass a nice spanking getting her ass checks nice and red. Then she grabs the vibrator sitting at Mr. Thomas’s desk and plays with her breast and swollen red pussy coming in a wild and loud orgasm. She cleans up and puts the toys away as Mr. Thomas will soon reappear. He comes in and finds out that she has been a naughty schoolgirl, grabs his paddle and gives her a good spanking. Then he kisses her hot ass and spreads her checks. This is really getting him excited so Shannon takes out his cock and starts sucking on it getting it nice and hard. He puts her up on the desk and gives her a great fucking squirting his load all over her bush. You can watch his cum drip off of her big swollen pussy lips. She jumps off the desk and licks his cock clean looking up at him with her big eyes she says “Do I get to pass this class now, Mr. Thomas?
The Headmaster's Office The Headmaster's Office
Set in Victorian times at the New Bedford Academy for Ladies. The story follows five girls who are caught drinking by the Principal and sent to the Headmaster's Office for punishment. What follows is one of the most hardcore canings ever recorded. All live action! You watch it as it actually happens.
Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
In "Peeping Tom" Meadows is caught watching two female teaches having a strap on session in the common room. When she is reprimanded by the Vice Principal and told to go to the study she knows what is about to happen! She must keep her lips sealed, and in order to insure that a bare bottomed caning and spanking are in order by the VP.


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Schoolgirl spanking movies